Center for Humanities Awarded $415K Grant from Mellon Foundation

The GC has been awarded a $415,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to promote and expand public humanities practices at CUNY through the Center for the Humanities.
The grant will support a new iteration of the Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research, which provides an opportunity for collaboration among faculty, students, and arts professionals at CUNY as well as civic and cultural leaders throughout New York City.

The current seminar, funded by a pilot grant from the Mellon Foundation, began in fall 2014 and will conclude in fall 2016.
“We deeply appreciate the creative and innovative structures that have been proposed to create stronger intellectual and collaborative links across CUNY’s senior and community colleges, the latter’s constituent communities, and the various ‘publics’ of the City of New York,” said Eugene M. Tobin, senior program officer in the program for Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
The seminar will begin in spring 2017 and meet for two years to develop public scholarship around four new research themes. The participants — all new to the seminar — will include senior faculty advisors; faculty co-leaders from senior and community colleges; doctoral students who will serve as digital fellows and teaching fellows; doctoral students who will receive course credit for their project-based participation; adjuncts; and civic and cultural partners.
“The relationships forged between CUNY faculty and students and their civic and cultural partners in the public sphere have led to an astonishingly diverse array of meaningful creative, intellectual, digital, and civically minded projects with deep and far-reaching impact,” said Kendra Sullivan at the Center for the Humanities.
At least 38 participants will be selected by a committee representing the GC’s diverse intellectual community. A call for applicants will be circulated in September. For more information, contact Kendra Sullivan.

Submitted on: SEP 12, 2016

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