White House Spotlights Urban Education Ph.D. Student’s Work

A project by Ph.D. student Sara Vogel (Urban Education), whose research focuses on the intersection of bilingual and digital media education, is featured in today's White House announcement about President Barack Obama’s Computer Science for All campaign. 
Vogel is collaborating with Hive Research Lab, a project of Indiana University and New York University, to launch “Visions and Ideologies of Computer Science Education (CS Visions), a project that highlights the voices and expertise of over 100 computer science education stakeholders in order to develop a framework to support vision-setting in Computer Science for All initiatives.
“With CS Visions, we are thinking about how stakeholders’ rationales and ideologies about the value of computer science become enacted in programs and pedagogy,” Vogel said. “It has been exciting to work with incredible researchers at NYU and Indiana to engage educators on the ground around these questions, and we are thrilled to be among those projects highlighted by the White House this week.”
Computer Science for All aims to empower a generation of U.S. students, from kindergarten through high school, with computer science skills.

Submitted on: SEP 14, 2016

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