Biology Ph.D. Student Nathan Morris wins prize for Best Graduate Student Poster at the annual NY Marine Science Consortium meeting

Nathan Morris (MCD subprogram, Biology PhD Program) won the the prize for best graduate student poster at the annual meeting of the NY Marine Science Consortium. The meeting took place in October 2016 at State University of New York, Maritime.

Nathan Morris is working in the laboratory of Professor Liz Alter (York College), and his poster, titled "Assessing salt marsh bacterial biodiversity at various stages post-restoration," investigated the condition of the salt marshes in Jamaica Bay, NY. "Salt marshes are an important ecosystem that provide natural habitat, ecosystem services, and are also important in resilience against storm surges" says Morris. Jamaica Bay has been underdoing restoration projects since 2003 to mitigate the loss of these salt marshes as well as to rebuild them.

"We aimed to explore the effects of salt marsh restoration on the biodiversity in sediment bacterial communities by looking at a range of sites in Jamaica Bay. These sites range from unrestored/degraded to 12 years post-restoration. Our preliminary results show a general trend that diversity increases with salt marsh age. We see distinct communities from site to site even across short distances, and we also see that the unrestored site has a community composition that differs significantly from the four restored sites."

Submitted on: OCT 31, 2016

Category: Biology | Science Programs