Executive Order Threatens Higher Education: President Robinson in New Op-Ed

Chase F. RobinsonIn a new op-ed for The Hill, President Chase F. Robinson comments on the recent executive order on immigration, which has prevented at least one GC student, a citizen of Iran, from returning to the United States.
“Pursuing a Ph.D. in political science at the Graduate Center, our student [has fallen] victim to a political decision that promises terrible consequences not just for America’s diplomatic relations and global standing, but also to our nation’s research universities,” Robinson writes.
Approximately one in five GC students are foreign nationals, and many come from the Middle East and South Asia, a percentage that is typical for U.S. universities, notes Robinson, a Distinguished Professor of History whose scholarship focuses on the premodern Middle East. 
“Students from ‘predominantly Muslim countries’ make invaluable contributions to research and teaching in every major university in the United States,” Robinson writes. “One of the many ironies here is that they are disproportionately represented in science, engineering and technology — the very fields in which American competitiveness is questioned.”

The GC is monitoring the effects of the executive order and posting updates when available.

Submitted on: FEB 1, 2017

Category: Diversity | General GC News