Glenis Long appointed to the Graduate Center

Glenis Long

Professor, Ph.D. Program in Speech and Hearing Sciences 

Glenis Long specializes in research on otoacoustic emissions or sounds generated by the human cochlea (inner ear). She is the director of The Graduate Center's Hearing Science Laboratory where these emissions are used as a noninvasive tool for investigating cochlear mechanisms. This research is combined with psychoacoustic research to better understand the perceptual consequences of cochlear nonlinearity and distortion. Professor Long has done research in the United States, Germany, and England, and taught at Purdue University before coming to The Graduate Center. Her work represents an unusual combination of mathematical modeling with laboratory research. She is also involved in the development of better clinical tools for the evaluation of hearing loss. Professor Long studied experimental psychology at Canterbury University (B.A., M.A.) and Princeton University (M.A., Ph.D.). She has written for a broad spectrum of journals, has been active in professional organizations, and was elected as a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America for services to research in psychoacoustics and otoacoustic emissions.

Submitted on: AUG 1, 2001

Category: New Appointments to the GC