Gabor T. Herman appointed to the Graduate Center

Gabor T. Herman

Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Program in Computer Science

Gabor T. Herman is a pioneer in the field of computerized tomography (an important medical diagnostic procedure) and the author of several books and well over one hundred articles including several classic works in their fields. He is recognized internationally for his major contributions to image processing and its medical applications. He was the leader of successful medical image-processing groups at SUNY Buffalo and at the University of Pennsylvania and has garnered multiple millions of dollars in research funding. Professor Herman, who earned his Ph.D. from the University of London, is a highly accomplished scientist of international distinction and has been awarded honorary degrees from the universities of Haifa in Israel, Szeged in Hungary, and Linkoping in Sweden. Prior to coming to The Graduate Center, he was Hewlett Packard Visiting Research Professor at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at the University of California-Berkeley.

Photo: Don Pollard

Submitted on: AUG 1, 2002

Category: New Appointments to the GC