President Robinson Discusses Misconceptions in West About Muslims

Chase F. RobinsonPresident Chase F. Robinson, a leading historian of early Islam, spoke in a Business Insider video about the most important misconceptions in the West about Muslims.
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“Maybe of all of the misconceptions, the greatest is that there’s a set of prescriptions, or a set of doctrines, even dogmas, that necessarily incline Muslims to take specific positions on politics,” President Robinson told Business Insider.
“A good example would be sharia, or Islamic law,” President Robinson said. “There’s an enormous diversity of views on the part of those 1.6 or 1.7 billion Muslims about sharia. Some hold that it must be imposed, many hold that it need not. A good example would be in Azerbaijan where only one out of 10 Muslims believe that sharia should be imposed, whereas in Afghanistan it’s nine out of 10.”
Muslims also disagree about whether sharia is about politics, ritual, or personal law, and whether it applies to non-Muslims, he said.
President Robinson, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is the author or editor of eight books and more than 40 articles. His most recent book, Islamic Civilisation in Thirty Lives: The First 1,000 Years (University of California Press, 2016), has drawn prominent media coverage, including in 1843, a magazine published by The Economist.  

He also recently appeared on WNYC to discuss the executive order on immigration.  

Submitted on: FEB 14, 2017

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