Ida Jeltova appointed to the Graduate Center

Ida Jeltova

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Program in Educational Psychology

 A productive researcher and skilled clinician, Ida Jeltova contributed to a five-year project funded through the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented that examined the use of dynamic instruction and assessment methods in the elementary school classroom. Her most recent paper, about risky health behavior in adolescent girls who are recent immigrants from the Soviet Union, was published in the top journal in the field of school psychology. Jeltova comes to the Graduate Center from the doctoral program in school psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She holds a B.S. from St. Petersburg State University in Russia, an M.A. from Queens College, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Center.

Photo: A. Poyo

Submitted on: AUG 1, 2007

Category: New Appointments to the GC