Center for Humanities Announces New Round of Mellon Seminar

The Center for the Humanities has announced its new iteration of the Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research, funded by a $415,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to promote and expand public humanities practices at CUNY.

Scholarly research and creative projects created collaboratively will address fields as varied and vital as the environmental humanities, the politics of care, community archives, CUNY student narratives, digital platforms for public conversation, and poetics.
The seminar brings together nine faculty co-leaders from eight CUNY senior and community colleges, seven Teaching and Digital Publics Doctoral Student Fellows from the Graduate Center, and diverse community partners. Based on a successful pilot, the new seminar begins this semester and will conclude in two years.
“It’s exciting to see that the intellectual momentum generated by the first iteration of the seminar is continuing, and continuing to evolve,” said Professor Amy Herzog (GC/Queens, Theatre [pictured]), a faculty co-leader of the pilot seminar.

Professor Edward Miller (GC/Staten Island, Theatre), added, “As academics, we have a lot to learn from the perspectives and experiences of faculty in other disciplines, graduate and undergraduate students, and our community partners working outside the university. The structure of this seminar makes community advocacy and mutual learning possible.”
Participating GC Doctoral Student Fellows include:

Faculty Co-leaders:

Submitted on: MAR 2, 2017

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