Faculty book: Time to Talk

Michelle MacRoy-Higgins, Carlyn Kolker

Are your child's speech and language skills on track? From babbling to fluently expressing thoughts, the developmental journey is filled with milestones. You might recognize some, such as when your child says her first words, but others are harder to spot.
Does your child respond to her name by 12 months? Should you worry if your toddler isn't speaking? What if your preschooler struggles with the r and l sounds? Can your four-year-old rhyme words? Does your kindergartener show key signs of reading readiness?
Time to Talk unlocks the mysteries of speech and language acquisition, and helps parents carefully monitor progress. Both troubleshooter and skills booster, this definitive guide provides timelines of what to expect from infancy to elementary school; quick answers to common questions; red flags to watch for; simple activities to boost communications skills; guidelines for handling common  problems,  such as  articulation  issues,  late  talking,  stuttering, and  dyslexia;  tips for  getting the best results from therapy; clear explanations of medicaladvances; advice for fostering bilingualism; and reassuring stories of parents and children who have faced and  overcome challenges.
And whether kids are working through obstacles or hitting targets, Time to Talk  will put them on a firm path to literacy success.

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Submitted on: MAR 2, 2017

Category: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences