Nancy Foner Awarded 2017 Guggenheim Fellowship

Distinguished Professor Nancy Foner (GC/Hunter, Sociology) has been named a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow in the field of Sociology.

Fonor is one of 173 winners of the coveted award, selected from a group of almost 3,000 highly accomplished applicants.
Her work on immigration has a strong comparative focus — comparing immigration today with earlier periods in the United States and immigrant minorities in the United States and Europe. She has written extensively on immigration to New York City past and present, as well as Jamaican migration to New York and London. 

“These artists and writers, scholars and scientists, represent the best of the best,” said Edward Hirsch, president of the Foundation, in a statement. “Each year since 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has bet everything on the individual, and we’re thrilled to continue to do so with this wonderfully talented and diverse group.”

The Foundation has granted more than $334 million in fellowships to over 18,000 individuals, among whom are scores of Nobel laureates, Turing Award winners, and Pulitzer Prize recipients.

This is the third consecutive year that the Graduate Center has seen Guggenheim recipients among its ranks: Distinguished and Presidential Professor Robert Reid-Pharr (English) was named a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow in the field of Literary Criticism, and Ph.D. student Joshua Mehigan was named a Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry the year before.

Submitted on: APR 12, 2017

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