9 students from the Psychology Program receive Dissertation Fellowship Awards for 2017-2018 Academic Year

We would like to congratulate to the students from our psychology program, who just received the Dissertation Fellowship Awards for 2017-2018 Academic Year. Please see the full list of names of the students and their dissertation titles below:

1) Karima Modjadidi - Testing the efficacy of interventions to decrease racial bias in jury selection.
2) Einat Manoff - Counter-Mapping in the South Bronx: Local Perspectives on Disinvestment and Over-policing.
3) Ralitsa Todorova - The College Essay and (In)equality along the Path to College.
4) Sonia Sanchez - Re-membering anti-colonial kinships for collective liberations: Lessons from migrant organizing at multiple intersections of struggle.
5) Deshonay Dozier - The politics of Care: Altering the Harm of Punitive Aid in Skid Row, 1970 to 2015.
6) Jenna Rieder - Estradiol and daily affective experience in trauma-exposed women.
7) Michael Gray - Testing the Malleability of Visual Perception and Neural Alpha Oscillations.
8) Sruthi Javdekar - An Analysis of Play Opportunities for Young Children Living in High-rise Housing in India-A case study of urban middle-class housing in Pune metropolitan area.
9) Madeleine Terry - Detecting pervasively unintegrated mental representations in pregnancy: A pilot study.


Submitted on: APR 24, 2017

Category: Psychology