Convocation 2017: Over 600 Students Join the GC

GC community at Convocation
The Graduate Center welcomed more than 600 new students — including a record number of incoming master’s students — at its convocation ceremony on August 22, 2017.

President Chase F. Robinson gave the convocation address, and Presidential Professor Tony Ro (GC/Biology and Psychology) and Tamara R. Mose (Ph.D. ’08, Sociology) offered remarks. All three spoke about The Graduate Center’s values and impact and offered guidance to the incoming students.

Matthew Schoengood, Tony Ro, Chase F. Robinson, Tamara R. Mose, and John Morning
Vice President for Student Affairs Matthew G. Schoengood, Presidential Professor Tony Ro, President Chase F. Robinson, Alumna Tamara R. Mose, and Vice Chair of the GC Foundation John Morning

In his convocation address, President Chase F. Robinson invited the students, whom he called “colleagues to be” to “ponder what we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

He delved into “the very noisy controversies that engulf higher education” and discussed the responsibilities and opportunities that future academic leaders — today’s master’s and doctoral students — will face.

He advised the future educators to “be exceptionally attentive to the concerns, anxieties, and aspirations of students living in a radically transforming world” and to be “humble” about “knowledge that may be overturned and the methods used to acquire it.”

Finally, he urged them to embrace The Graduate Center’s values: “excellence and originality (of course); fairness (always). And, more distinctively: a commitment to the public good, indeed a conviction that serious learning informed by reasoned debate is an immense public good.”

Mose, an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Brooklyn College, spoke about her journey from choreography to academia. She drew applause for her line, “The Graduate Center is a space that helps guide, create, produce, and share our collective and individual interests.”

Nora Bartosik and Xiaoming Tian
D.M.A. students Nora Bartosik and Xiaoming Tian perform "Questo amor" from Puccini's Edgar

Ro spoke about his research and its connection to The Graduate Center’s mission. “My graduate students and I are, in essence, conducting studies that measure how the human brain processes and filters sensory information,” he said. “I am very proud that we are fulfilling the mission of furthering science and the greater good in this exceptional public university.”

The event concluded with an exceptional performance of “Questo amor” from Puccini’s Edgar by D.M.A. in Music Performance candidates Xiaoming Tian, baritone, and pianist Nora Bartosik.

Convocation 2017 Address by President Chase F. Robinson
Convocation 2017 Remarks by Presidential Professor Tony Ro
Convocation 2017 Remarks by Tamara R. Mose (Ph.D. ’08, Sociology)

Submitted on: SEP 1, 2017

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