A Call to Protect DACA: Professor Heath Brown in ‘The Hill’

Professor Heath Brown (GC/John Jay, Criminal Justice) called for collective action to protect immigrants in the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement that it will end the policy known as DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Thousands of organizations represent immigrants, Brown wrote in an op-ed, “We Can Protect DACA by Coming Together,” published by The Hill. Most of these organizations tend not to get involved in politics, particularly during election seasons, his research has shown.
Coordination and mobilization are necessary to protect hundreds of thousands of children and young adults, Brown wrote in the op-ed.
“First, in order to convince Congress to fulfill the promise made by President Obama, and now abandoned by President Trump, these civil society organizations, many that typically avoid politics at all costs, must act and must act quickly, before this window of policy attention closes and Congress moves on to other issues,” Brown wrote. “Past inaction is no longer acceptable or necessary.”

Submitted on: SEP 19, 2017

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