Academic Collaboration at the GC: President Robinson in ‘Psychology Today’

Graduate Center President ChaseGraduate Center President Chase F. Robinson was quoted in a Psychology Today feature on the increase in collaborative research, a trend that many universities, including the Graduate Center, have encouraged.
The article, “Collaboration in Psychological Science, Part I,” noted that some colleges and universities are even supporting collaborative projects among faculty members and nonacademic members of the community.
An essay Robinson published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Trouble Recruiting Top Faculty? Promote Collaboration,” stated that the Graduate Center has been able to attract acclaimed scholars because of its support of collaboration.
“We have put in place structures that transcend and complement departmental organization, placing students, postdocs, and junior and senior faculty members together in research-driven seminars,” Robinson wrote in the essay, in an excerpt cited by Psychology Today. “So what we’ve been building are not buildings, but communities and partnerships.” 

Submitted on: SEP 27, 2017

Category: General GC News