Recent Student and Faculty News (Fall 2017)


Natascia Boeri has accepted a position as Assistant Professor, at Bloomfield College in New Jersey.  Natascia defended her dissertation, "Boundaries of Home and Work: Social Reproduction and Home-Based Workers in Ahmedabad, India" with Hester Eisenstein (chair), Sujatha Fernandes, Ruth Milkman, and Rupal Oza last Fall.

Simone Kolysh has accepted a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Drew University.  Simone is working on her dissertation, ‘From the Cat-Call to the Slur: How Gender and Sexuality are Shaped by the Streets’ with Phil Kasinitz (chair), Patricia Clough, Rob Smith, and Mitch Duneier.

Fellowships and Awards

Berglind Hólm Ragnarsdóttir was awarded two Dissertation fellowships. She has been granted $40,000 from the Ministry of Welfare in Iceland, and $4,400 (the Thor Thors grant) from the American Scandinavian Foundation.

Erin Michaels was awarded a $26,000 Mellon Fellowship through the Inter-University Program for Latino Research.

Abigail Kolker and Alexandrea Ravenelle received a $4,000 Graduate Center Early Research Initiative Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Research in the Service of Public Knowledge.

Maggie Fay  was awarded a $3,000 Gittell Graduate Student Fellowship to support her Research Assistantship with G. Michael Guy this summer.

Luke Elliot, "Wall to Wall: Industrial Unionism at the City University of New York 1972-2017," has won the 2017  Bernard Bellush Prize in Labor History.
Courtney Frantz, Mellon Fellowship, Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research, Center for the Humanities.


Zeynep Bayhan, paper titled "Praying God Abroad: Religious Boundary and the Experiences of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the United States" has received Sakip Sabanci International Research Award. The award comes with a prize of $10,000. it's in Turkish but hoping the Google Translate would do its magic. click
Maggie Fay computer-mediated paper on Educause
CCRC published Maggie Fay’s paper comparing computer-mediated developmental math in community colleges and high schools.
Diverse Issues in Higher Education, did a piece on the paper:

David Frank,  "'I was not sick and I didn't need to recover': Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) as a refuge from criminalization" was accepted for publication in the journal Substance Use and Misuse's special edition on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Courtney Frantz and Sujatha Fernandes, “Whose Movement Is It? Strategic Funding, Worker Centers, and Foundation Influence.” Critical Sociology, 2016, pp 1 – 16.

Sou Hyun Jang. 2017. Factors Associated with Korean Immigrants’ Medical Tourism to the Homeland. American Journal of Health Behavior. 41(4):461-470.

Rebecca Karam, "Rust Belt Revitalization, Immigration, and Islam: Toward a Better Understanding of Mosques in Declining Urban Neighborhoods." City and Community.

Melanie Lorek, 'It Didn’t Affect Me’: The (Ir)Relevance of the German Reunification in Autobiographical Narratives of East Germans. was accepted for publication by Symbolic Interaction.

Nancy Foner was awarded a 2017 Guggenheim Fellowship to work on a book, Immigration and the Transformation of America

Nancy and Richard, "Immigration and the Geography of Polarization." available here.

Carolina Bank Muñoz's book Building Power From Below: Chilean Workers Take On Walmart has just been published by Cornell University Press

Jessie Daniels has been selected as an Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Fellow for the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival in June and has three books come out this academic year (the second listed here is with Karen Gregory, GC-alum):

Jessie Daniels and Polly Thistlethwaite, Being a Scholar in the Digital Era: Transforming Scholarly Practice for the Public Good[], (Policy Press, 2016).

Jessie Daniels, Karen Gregory, and Tressie McMillan Cottom, eds., Digital Sociologies[], (Policy Press, 2016).
Arlene Stein and Jessie Daniels, Going Public: A Guide for Social Scientists[]. (University of Chicago Press, 2017).
Samuel Heilman, Who Will Lead Us  Published in June

Marnia Lazreg’s book,  FOUCAULT'S ORIENT, The Conundrum of Cultural Difference, From Tunisia to Japan.

Her papers, "Overcoming Feminist Empiricism:  Toward Building a Cosmopolitan Theory," at a conference on Concepts that Matter!  Terminologies of Women and Gender in Transnational Perspective, Institute for Asian and Oriental Studies-Gender Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

"Post-révolution ou contre-révolution:  La participation politique des femmes tunisiennes et algériennes" at the Tunis International Book Fair, March 25, 2017.  This paper has been translated into Arabic and will appear in the October issue of the academic quarterly journal, Al Fikr Al Jadid, edited by the Manouba University, Tunis.

“The Battle of Names:  The Algerian War between Insurgency and Revolution,”Fifth European Congress on World and Global History, conference    on  “Ruptures,Empires and Revolutions,”  Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 1, 2017.

While in Tunis,  she  was interviewed by two radio stations, and her paper was selected for translation into Arabic and publication in Al Fikr Al-Jadid, a publication of the La Manouba University,  Tunis.
Talk at ‘Resistance Literature, Thirty Years Later/Then and Now’ Symposium at Columbia University.

Vesselinov, Elena, Mary Clare Lennon and Renaud Le Goix, 2017, "Is it all in the eye of the beholder? Benefits of living in mixed-income neighborhoods in New York and Los Angeles," Journal of Urban Affairs,

Torpey, John “The End of the World as We Know It?: American Exceptionalism in an Age of Disruption.” Sociological Forum, 2017

Sam Farber
This is the translation of an article addressing an important current controversy in Cuba that appeared in Havana Times two weeks ago. The publication of the translation was delayed because of the terrible disaster caused by hurricane Irma in Cuba.

One Hundred Years of the Russian Revolution: A Retrospective View, by
Family Worlds, by Robert D. Hess and Gerald Handel,  first published by The University of Chicago Press in 1959, has been published in a new edition by Transaction Publishers in 2016. The Transaction edition features a new Introduction by Ralph LaRossa. It includes a new Foreword by Professor Emeritus Handel.

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