Just Research in Contentious Times: Widening the methodological imagination

Professor Michelle Fine has published a new book, titled Just Research in Contentious Times: Widening the methodological imagination.
The book includes a blend of new work and older essays; pieces co-authored with Yasser Payne, Maria Elena Torre, April Burns, Cory Greene and Sonia Sanchez, David Frost and Allison Cabana, drawing breathe and wisdom from collaborative work published/engaged with Lois Weis, Joyce King, Donnie Cook, Perry Gilmore and Bill Cross, Eve Tuck and Sarah Zeller Berkman, Rosemarie Roberts, Selcuk Sirin, Janice Bloom, Lori Chajet, Maddy Fox, Brett Stoudt, Leigh Patel, Anne Galletta, Monique Guishard, Alexis Halkovic, Louise Kidder, Caitlin Cahill, Bernadette Anand and Carlton Jordan, Valerie Futch, Puleng Segalo, Kathy Boudin, Cheryl Wilkins, Judith Clark, Pam Smart, Donna Hilton, Iris Bowen, Migdalia Martinez, Mike Fabricant, Susan Opotow, Susan Saegert, Celina Su, Pearl Rosenberg, Ruth Hall and so so many others (the dangers of lists);  enriched by the nourishing spaces where participation/knowledge/critique/possibility braid in the Public Science Project, URBAN, SQIP and MCAS; nourished by the sweet memories of Maxine Greene, Linda Powell Pruitt, Morton Deutsch, Thea Jackson, Ethel Tobach, Rosie and Jack Fine of course, and the manuscript enjoys rich commentary from Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Joyce King, Bill Cross, Norman Denzin, Yvonne Lincoln, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Garth Stevens, Corinne Squire, Christopher Sonn.


Submitted on: NOV 13, 2017

Category: Psychology