Alyson Cole & Kyoo Lee Announced Co-editors of philoSOPHIA: a Journal of Continental Feminism

Prof. Alyson Cole and Prof. Kyoo Lee are the new co-editors of philoSOPHIA for the 2018-2023 term!

Both Cole and Lee bring valuable experience to the journal. They have collaborated on many other projects including a Mellon-funded faculty seminar and graduate teaching at CUNY. They have journal experience as guest editors of a special issue of Women's Studies Quarterly (WSQ), Safe (2011), and both are on the WSQ editorial board. Cole is also on the editorial board of International Journal of Criminology & Sociological Theory. Currently, Lee is serving as an Associate Editor of Derrida Today and on the editorial board of Open Humanities Press; from January 2018, she will join the Advisory Board of Simone de Beauvoir Studies.

Submitted on: DEC 6, 2017

Category: Center for the Study of Women and Society