Why Donald Trump Will Be Welcome in Davos

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Why Donald Trump Will Be Welcome in Davos

The New Yorker, 1.24.18

In Davos this week, they will happily sit through panel sessions on climate change and making globalization more inclusive. But, as Branko Milanović, a leading expert on global inequality who teaches at the CUNY Graduate Center, has noted, “Only in passing, and probably on the margins of the official program, will they get into the tremendous monopoly and monopsony power of their companies, ability to play one jurisdiction against another in order to avoid taxes, how to ban organized labor in their companies, how to use government ambulance services to carry workers who have fainted from extra heat (to save expense of air conditioning). They are loath to pay a living wage, but they will fund a philharmonic orchestra.”

Submitted on: JAN 24, 2018

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