Community Meeting 5-4-09

At the May 4, 2009, community meeting, President William Kelly announced that funding had been secured to provide full tuition to out-of-state and international Chancellor’s Fellows. “The Chancellery has, yet again, demonstrated its extraordinary support for doctoral education,” Kelly said. “We are now able to recruit the very best candidates regardless of their points of origin.”

Kelly also reviewed the GC’s overall financial situation. He reiterated his assessment that the school is on firm ground for the coming fiscal year, yet warned that because of ongoing structural problems in the New York budgeting process, fiscal year 2010 remains a cause of considerable concern. Consequently, the GC is focusing on OTPS expenditures, while exercising considerable restraint in all other areas.

Additionally, Kelly reported that CUNY hopes to hire between four and five hundred new faculty members over the next year, an investment that will have extremely positive mid- and long-term consequences for the doctoral faculties.  

“I don’t expect smooth sailing across the next few years,” Kelly concluded, but he closed the meeting with words of reassurance: “I think we’re okay, folks. I think we’re okay.”

Submitted on: MAY 4, 2009

Category: President's Office - Community Meeting