A Hollow Defining Moment

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A Hollow Defining Moment

The News International, 3.10.18

An opinion-editorial that references the work of The Graduate Center, CUNY Professor Ruth Milkman: “It is undeniable that “class inequalities among women are greater than ever before,” as Ruth Milkman, professor of sociology, wrote in 2017 in the Sociologist, a generally taboo subject in feminist circles. But this reality is concealed by the champions of the #MeToo movement, who over the past year have abandoned due process and legal norms in their crusade against numerous individuals, mainly men, to discredit and smear them in the name of women’s rights. This travesty has been concocted in the name of all ‘women', but it has nothing to do with advancing the rights and concerns of wide layers of the female population.”

Submitted on: MAR 10, 2018

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