Former ARC Fellow, Finex Ndhlovu, Publishes New Book: Language, Vernacular Discourse & Nationalisms

Former ARC Fellow, Finex Ndhlovu, Publishes New Book called Language, Vernacular Discourse & Nationalisms: Uncovering the Myths of Transnational Worlds

Excerpt from Acknowledgements:

“I also extend my sincere gratitude to the Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) Program at the CUNY Graduate Center for appointing me to the esteemed position of Distinguished Visiting Professor. This was an excellent opportunity that provided a vibrant and collegial intellectual environment that enriched my research and finalization of the book manuscript. The office space with a computer and access to the CUNY intranet and other facilities were invaluable. I would like to thank in particular, Kay Powell (ARC Fellowship Program Manager), Profs. Don Robotham (Director of the ARC Fellowship Program), Ofelia Garcia, Tatyana Kleyn, Leketi Makalela and all other ARC faculty and student fellows for all your support and the opportunity to network and exchange research ideas” (xv).

Submitted on: JUN 12, 2018

Category: Advanced Research Collaborative