Three Graduate Center Students Receive Fulbright Awards for Research Abroad

Three Graduate Center students were awarded highly competitive Fulbright U.S. Student Program grants to conduct field research abroad. In the coming months, the students will travel to areas of South and Southeast Asia and to Vienna.
Ph.D. student Seth Powers (Theatre) will explore rasa as a performance aesthetic and embodied knowledge indigenous to South and Southeast Asia. Through training, performance observation, and interviews with South Indian artists spanning the disciplines of dance and theatre, he will investigate how intangible qualities are appreciated in performance, questioning the lingering dichotomy between South and Southeast Asian performance as embodied, “physical” practice as opposed to Western “psychological” practice. 

Ph.D./D.M.A student Alexis Rodda (Music) is traveling to Vienna, where she will focus her research on the works of Viennese composer Egon Lustgarten, who emigrated to the United States in 1939 due to the rise of the Nazi regime. Rodda will offer a concert series in venues throughout Vienna highlighting the works of Lustgarten and other exiled composers, and will also be in residence at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, working in the Lahr von Leitis Academy & Archive.

Ph.D. student Lan Truong (Biology) is traveling to South Vietnam, where she will study the traditional Vietnamese medicine (TVM) system for treating diabetes type-2 in the region. She will work with traditional healers to explore the anti-diabetic efficacy of TVM medicinal plants, as well as the sociocultural context of their use. One important feature of the TVM system is Buddhism, which plays a role in baseline, primary health care in rural Vietnam. She is in the Plant Sciences subprogram of the Biology department.

Submitted on: APR 29, 2019

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