Faculty Book: Peter Consenstein

Peter Consenstein, trans.

It by Dominique Fourcade
(Alibris, 2009)

Dominique Fourcade is one of France’s leading contemporary poets, and was awarded the 1996 Grand Prix National de Poésie. He has published ten books with the noted publisher of experimental poetry, P.O.L, including a recent triptych, sans lasso et sans flash, éponges modèle 2003, and en laisse (2005). In French, ‘il,’ the third person masculine singular pronoun, can also be genderless. In Dominique Fourcade’s IL, ‘il’ means ‘it,’ but not exactly. Fourcade’s ‘it’ is the man-woman, the woman-man, the place where we are each other. Rather than exploit difference, Fourcade allows the sonority of the word to generate masculine-feminine dialogue. Peter Consenstein (Borough of Manhattan Community College) is professor of French at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 1, 2009

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