Fall 2011 Academic Calendar

August 26 (Friday)
Classes begin.

September 4 (Sunday)
No classes scheduled.

September 5 (Monday)
Labor Day College is closed; no classes scheduled.

September 15 (Thursday)
Deadline for filing add/drop, changes of level, or residency changes for Fall 2011. Last day to deposit a dissertation or thesis for a September 30, 2011, degree.

September 28 – 30 (Wednesday – Friday)
No classes scheduled.

October 4 (Tuesday)
Classes follow a Friday schedule.

September 16 (Friday)
Course Withdrawal period begins. A grade of ‘W’ is assigned to students who officially drop a class.

October 7 – 8 (Friday – Saturday)
No classes scheduled.

October 10 (Monday)
Columbus Day College is closed.

November 17 (Thursday)
Course Withdrawal period ends; last day to drop with the grade of 'W' without special permission from faculty and/or appropriate college committee.

November 22 (Tuesday)
Classes follow a Thursday schedule.

November 24 – 25 (Thursday – Friday)
College is closed.

December 14 (Wednesday)
Reading day.

December 15 – 22 (Thursday – Thursday)
Final Examinations.

December 22 (Thursday)
End of Fall Term.

December 24 – 25 (Saturday – Sunday)
College is closed.

December 31 (Saturday)
College is closed.

January 1, 2011 (Sunday)
College is closed.

January 16 (Monday)
College is closed.

Submitted on: JUL 1, 2011

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