Faculty Book: Dahlia K. Remler

Dahlia K. Remler

Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation (Sage, 2010)

Remler and Van Ryzin strive to make research methods accessible and meaningful, so that students can truly grasp the logic—and limits—of the latest research published in academic journals, government reports, and the media. The authors emphasize the critical interpretation and practical application of research findings throughout the text by focusing on causation and real-life data. The book reflects current methodological techniques used in interdisciplinary research and provides many policy-relevant research examples illustrating the realistic trade-offs, uncertainties, habits, and excitement of the research experience. It also covers strategies for both description and causal estimation—and emphasizes the distinction. A graduate-level text appropriate for applied disciplines including administration, public policy, urban affairs, education, sociology, social work, public health, economics, and criminal justice, this is intended to set a whole new standard for presenting and learning research methods. Dahlia K. Remler (Assoc. Prof., Baruch) is on the doctoral faculty in economics.

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Submitted on: APR 6, 2010

Category: Economics | Faculty Books