Faculty Book: Monica Varsanyi, ed.

Monica Varsanyi, ed.

Taking Local Control: Immigration Policy Activism in U.S. Cities and States
(Stanford University Press, 2010)

With the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States at an all-time high and congressional immigration reform seemingly at a standstill, cities and states across the nation have leapt into the fray, creating a wide range of policies to address illegal immigration within their jurisdictions. These policies, both anti- and pro-immigrant in nature, receive wide coverage in the popular press, but they have gotten far less attention in the scholarly literature. This volume aims to fill the gap by offering perspectives from political scientists, legal scholars, sociologists, and geographers at the leading edge of this emerging field. Drawing on high-profile case studies, the contributors seek to explain the explosion in state and local immigration policy activism, account for the policies that have been considered and passed, and explore the tensions that have emerged within communities and between different levels of government. Editor Monica Varsanyi (Assoc. Prof., John Jay) is on the doctoral faculty in earth and environmental sciences.

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Submitted on: JUL 23, 2010

Category: Earth and Environmental Sciences | Faculty Books