Melva Miller on The Thought Project - Episode 83

This week’s guest is Graduate Center, CUNY Ph.D. candidate Melva M. Miller (Social Welfare), executive vice president at the Association for a Better New York (ABNY). She is leading the organization’s Census 2020 initiative for an accurate count of New York City. She previously served as the deputy borough president of Queens. She has served in the Queens Borough President’s office since 2007 as the economic development director, creating and implementing a borough-wide strategy to enhance Queen’s economic growth. Miller has three CUNY degrees — a bachelor’s degree from John Jay College, a master’s in social work from Hunter College, and a Master of Philosophy in Social Welfare from The Graduate Center.
In this podcast, Miller talks about what is at stake for New York in the 2020 Census, how ABNY is removing barriers to Census participation among immigrants and other hard-to-count communities, and why she sees the Census as a social welfare issue.

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Photo credit: Coralie Carlson

Submitted on: FEB 25, 2020

Category: General GC News | Social Welfare | The Thought Project