Modified Time Sheet Submission Policies

Dear Graduate Center Faculty and Staff,
As you know, The Graduate Center is transitioning to distance learning for its faculty and students, and to telecommuting or flexible working arrangements for its staff. Consequently, the Office of Human Resources is exploring ways to provide key HR services to Graduate Center staff and faculty remotely. We are also adjusting our current business practices to accommodate our staff who are working remotely. 
Hours of Operation 
Please be advised that the Office of Human Resources and its Payroll Office will continue to operate remotely during their regularly scheduled hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Extended Timesheet Submission Deadline
The time sheet submission deadline for full-time staff for the month of February 2020 and the submission deadline for hourly/part-time staff for the April 9th paycheck covering pay period 3/1-3/14/20, have been extended to Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
Modified Timesheet Submission Policy
We are moving to electronic submissions for all time sheets and are making accommodations for staff and supervisors who are unable to print or scan these documents. 
How to Fill Out and Submit Timesheets to Supervisors
We encourage full-time and hourly/part-time employees to continue using our standard time sheets. If you are able to, please download, complete, sign and email the timesheet to your supervisor. 
If you are unable to access the online time sheet, you may send an email detailing the time you worked for the applicable time period and submit it to your supervisor for review and approval. We will accept your email to your supervisor as your signature on your timesheet. 
Instructions for Supervisors on Reviewing and Submitting Completed Timesheets
Supervisors should review submitted time sheets and emails listing time worked for accuracy. Supervisors should work with their part time staff to assign them work that can be done remotely so that the staff can maintain their usual work schedule and paid their regular biweekly compensation and maintain their health coverage) (if applicable). If any of your part time staff may not work remotely due to the nature of their job functions, please inform so that we can provide further guidance. ‚Äč

Supervisors may:

  • Sign their employees’ time sheets as usual and scan them to (for full-time staff) or (for part-time staff); or 
  • Forward their employees’ time sheets to (for full-time staff) or part-time staff). The email should contain the name of the employee and the timesheet month (e.g., John Doe, February 2020) in the subject line and indicate in the body of the email that the timesheet has been approved.  

All time sheets or time sheet reports must be approved by supervisors before they are submitted to time and leave and payroll
Payments of Hourly/Part-Time Staff
Please note that hourly staff will be paid as usual based on the number of hours reflected on their approved time sheets. Please refer to the hourly employee pay schedule posted on The Graduate Center website for upcoming time sheet submission deadlines. 
In order to prepare for the unlikely event of time sheet submission interruptions arising from mass system failures, we are working with University Payroll to institute safeguards to ensure that our hourly staff’s payments are not disrupted.
Paper Paychecks
For the time being, all paper checks will be mailed to your home address in CUNYfirst []. If your home address in CUNYfirst is outdated, please update your address by Wednesday, March 18, 2020. 
The paychecks dated March 12, which were not picked up by last Friday (March 13, 2020) at 5:00 p.m., will be mailed to the employee’s address in CUNYfirst on or before March 20, 2020.
In order to avoid delays in the delivery of your paychecks, please consider enrolling in direct deposit.  You may obtain a copy of the direct deposit form online. The direct deposit forms can be emailed to
Other Payroll Services
The Payroll Office will continue its normal operations related to the handling of direct deposits, tax forms, and other key areas. For payroll questions or concerns please send an email to  
As new information becomes available, we will share the relevant updates with our staff and faculty.  
Thank you for your commitment and your understanding during these difficult times.
Office of Human Resources

Submitted on: MAR 17, 2020

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