Faculty Book: Jill Norgren

Jill Norgren

Belva Lockwood: The Woman Who Would be President
(New York University Press, 2007)

Despite the loss of most of Lockwood’s personal papers, through her meticulous research, legal historian Jill Norgren ensures Belva Lockwood’s rightful place in history as one of the nineteenth century's most accomplished and fearless advocates for women's rights. One of the first female attorneys in the U.S. and the first woman ever allowed to practice at the bar of the Supreme Court, in 1884 she became the first woman to run a full campaign for the U.S. Presidency. She ran again in 1888. Although her candidacies were unsuccessful (as she expected them to be), she demonstrated that women could compete with men in the political arena. After these campaigns she worked tirelessly on behalf of the Universal Peace Union, hoping, until her death in 1917, that she, or the organization, would win the Nobel Peace Prize. Jill Norgren is a professor emerita of political science at John Jay College and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 1, 2007

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