Faculty Book: Ruth O'Brien

Ruth O’Brien, ed.

Telling Stories Out of Court: Narratives about Women and Workplace Discrimination
(Cornell University Press, 2008)

OBrienAs a collection of short fiction, this book aims to reach readers on both an intellectual and an emotional level, helping them to understand the experiences of women who have faced sexism and discrimination at work. While the book focuses on how the federal courts interpreted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the short stories collected here—all but two written for this volume—offer insights that law texts alone cannot. Grouped into thematic parts titled “In Their Proper Place,” “Unfair Treatment,” “Sexual Harassment,” and “Hidden Obstacles,” the narratives are combined with interpretive commentary and legal analysis that anchor the book by revealing the impact this revolutionary law had on women in the workplace. Ruth O’Brien is a professor of political science and American studies at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: SEP 30, 2008

Category: American Studies | Faculty Books | Political Science