Faculty Book: Judith Milhous

Judith Milhous, Gabriella Dideriksen, and Robert D. Hume

Italian Opera in Late Eighteenth-Century London. Volume II: The Pantheon Opera and its Aftermath 1789-1795
(Oxford University Press, 2001; 883 pp.)

book cover imageJudith Milhous, distinguished professor of theatre at The Graduate Center, has co-authored a second volume on Italian opera in London, covering the period of the Pantheon Opera and its aftermath. The discovery of six cartons of previously unknown manuscripts made it possible to re-write a little understood chapter in the musical and cultural life of London. The result is both the dramatic tale of a theatrical venture—featuring characters such as Mozart and Haydn and tales of intrigue, blackmail, and arson—as well as a detailed analysis of the opera and ballet repertoire, personnel records, staging practices, and the finances of the company.

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Submitted on: APR 5, 2001

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