Faculty Book: Jock Young

Jock Young

The Vertigo of Late Modernity
(Sage Publications Ltd., 2007)

In this seminal new work, Jock Young, author of the bestselling and highly influential book, The Exclusive Society, deals with the impact that major social issues have on the modern world, as well as the way in which society and individuals respond to these issues. He explores fundamental topics that need to be addressed in a late modern world filled with inequality and division: identity and questions of the ‘normal’ and the ‘other’; deviance and disorder; social exclusion and the underclass; work and welfare; punitive cultures; immigration; and terrorism. Through discussion of these issues the author points toward a transformative politics which tackles problems of economic injustice and builds and cherishes a society of genuine diversity. The Vertigo of Late Modernity is essential reading for academics and advanced students in the areas of criminology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology and the social sciences more broadly. Jock Young is a distinguished professor of criminal justice at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: FEB 16, 2007

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