Faculty Book: Isak Taksa

Bernard J. Jansen, Amanda Spink, Isak Taksa, eds.

Handbook of Web Log Analysis
(Idea Group Publishing, 2008)

Web use has become a ubiquitous online activity for people of all ages, cultures, and pursuits. Whether searching, shopping, or socializing, users leave behind a great deal of data. Web designers collect these artifacts in a variety of Web logs for subsequent analysis. In twenty-five chapters in five sections, contributed by researchers and practitioners in the field of Web log analysis, this handbook reflects on the multifaceted themes of Web use. It reviews the history of Web log analysis; presents various approaches to log analysis; examines new trends including the issues of privacy, social interaction, and community building; focuses on analysis of the user’s behavior during the Web activities; investigates current methodologies and metrics for Web log analysis; and proposes new research directions and novel applications of existing knowledge. Bernard J. Jansen is at the Pennsylvania State University; Amanda Spink at Queensland University of Technology, Australia; and Isak Taksa is an assistant professor of business and computer science at Baruch College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 23, 2009

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