Faculty Book: Yan Sun

Yan Sun

Corruption and Market in Contemporary China
(Cornell University Press, 2004; 275 pp.)

Sun examines the ways in which market reforms in the People's Republic of China have shaped corruption since 1978 and how corruption has in turn shaped those reforms. Professor Sun suggests recent corruption is largely a by-product of post-Mao reforms, spurred by economic incentives and structural opportunities in the emerging marketplace. She finds that the steady retreat of the state has both increased mechanisms for cadre misconduct and reduced disincentives against it. Sun also uses disciplinary casebooks to illuminate the extent and forms of corruption in the People's Republic of China; unintended and informal mechanisms arising from corruption may, she reports, take on a life of their own and undermine the central state's ability to implement its developmental policies, discipline its staff, enforce its regulatory infrastructure, and fundamentally transform the economy. Sun is an associate professor of political science at The Graduate Center and Queens College.

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Submitted on: SEP 24, 2004

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science