Faculty Book: Ricardo Otheguy

Wallis Reid, Ricardo Otheguy and Nancy Stern

Signal, Meaning, and Message
(John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2002; 413 pp.)

book cover image This volume, co-edited by Richard Otheguy, a professor of linguistics and Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures at The Graduate Center, is the second set of papers on sign-based linguistics to emerge from the Columbia School linguistics conferences. The collection covers a wide array of topics including: English full-verb inversion; Serbo-Croatian deictic pronouns; English auxiliary do; Italian pronouns egli and lui; the Celtic-influenced use of on (e.g. "he played a trick on me"); and a monosemic analysis of the English verb break. A second set of essays deals with theoretical issues, such as the appropriateness of statistical tests of significance in text-based analysis and the future of "minimalist linguistics" in a maximalist world, while a third set explains phonotactic patterning in terms of ease of articulation. The introduction highlights the theoretical and analytical points of each article and relates them to the Columbia School framework.

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Submitted on: JUL 1, 2002

Category: Faculty Books | Linguistics