Faculty Book: Thomas C. Spear

Thomas C. Spear

La culture française vue d'ici et d'ailleurs
(Karthala, 2002; 258 pp.)

book cover image The French language is a fundamental element of identity for the 13 contributors to this volume, just as it is a site of conflict when confronted with other national and cultural realities. As French speakers, the essayists react strongly and diversely to the official politics of institutionalized "Francophonie" and to the influences of French culture as it radiates from the cultural hub of Paris. They redefine the relationship between the language's European center and its multicultural, postcolonial variations, both within and outside of France itself. Written in the first person, these essays offer poignant critical perspectives and give testimony to particular paths taken in various communities. Thomas C. Spear, editor, is a professor of French at The Graduate Center. The book also contains a preface by Edouard Glissant, distinguished professor in the French program.

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Submitted on: JAN 1, 2002

Category: Faculty Books | French