Faculty Book: James V. Hatch

Errol G. Hill and James V. Hatch

A History of African American Theatre
(Cambridge University Press, 2003; 632 pp.)

This definitive history of African American theatre—the first of its kind—embraces a wide geography, investigating companies from coast to coast as well as the anglophone Caribbean and African American companies touring Europe, Australia, and Africa. This history represents a catholicity of styles—from African ritual born out of slavery to European forms, from amateur to professional. It covers nearly two and a half centuries of black performance and production with issues of gender, class, and race ever in attendance. The volume encompasses aspects of performance such as minstrel shows, vaudeville, cabaret acts, musicals, and opera. Productions by white playwrights that used black casts, particularly in music and dance, are included, as are productions of western classics and a host of Shakespeare plays. James V. Hatch is professor emeritus of theatre at The Graduate Center. The late Errol G. Hill was John D. Willard Professor of Drama and Oratory at Dartmouth and an accomplished playwright and actor.

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Submitted on: SEP 8, 2003

Category: Faculty Books | Theatre and Performance