Big Thinkers: Linda Martín Alcoff, Charles W. Mills, and Other GC Professors Named Among Most Influential Philosophers

Distinguished Professor Charles W. Mills and Professor Linda Martín Alcoff

Professor Linda Martín Alcoff (GC/Hunter, Philosophy) was named among the top three most influential philosophers in the world today by Academic Influence, a publication by academics and data scientists who study scholars and disciplines within higher education.

Alcoff was joined on the list by Distinguished Professor Charles W. Mills (Philosophy). Alcoff and Mills both study issues off race, gender, and identity, and together organized The Graduate Center’s 2019 conference on Black Women Philosophers, which showcased the work of a traditionally underrepresented population and challenged preconceptions within the field of philosophy. They have organized a second conference, Pioneers of Africana Philosophy, whch will be held on March 19 and 20. 

Distinguished Professors Saul Kripke (Philosophy), known for his contributions to logic, philosophy of language, and epistemology, and Graham Priest (Philosophy), a notable defender of dialetheism, or logical paradoxes, received honorable mentions.

“These are pioneers,” says Professor Nickolas Pappas, executive officer of The Graduate Center’s Philosophy program. “Not too strong a word! In different ways, all the CUNY professors on this list have opened up their fields. What a presence for New York’s public university! I’m excited and proud.”

Academic Influence ranked the scholars based on citations of their work and their public presence. “Through professorship, writing and publication, editing journals and anthologies, activism, and public discourse they have all played roles in directing the current course of philosophy,” the publication said. 

Delve Deeper and Join the Conversation

Learn more about the upcoming Pioneers of African Philosophy conference, organized by Professor Alcoff and Professor Mills.

The conference pays "tribute both to the historic pathbreakers of the past and the still living pioneers of the present who ... were eventually able, after decades of struggle both within and outside the academy, to get Africana Philosophy and Critical Philosophy of Race recognized as legitimate areas of philosophical exploration and inquiry." 

Also, listen to this Thought Project podcast with Professor Alcoff and read about how her approach to philosophy informs her understanding of racism and white supremacy

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Submitted on: FEB 10, 2021

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