How America Can Recover: Paul Krugman on The Thought Project

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is a distinguished professor of economics at The Graduate Center, CUNY, a faculty member at the Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality, and a New York Times columnist. He writes frequently about U.S. politics, economics, and economic and social policy. Lately, he has been sharing his opinions about Bidenomics (mostly good), the state of the Republican Party and democracy in America (mostly not good), and how the U.S. can emerge from its “coronacoma.”

In this episode of The Thought Project podcast, he elaborates on many of his ideas, particularly how the U.S. can pull itself out of its COVID-induced economic slump, burnish its international reputation and standing, and address inequality through policies on health care, child care, and social security.

He discusses what could make the post-pandemic U.S. economy come roaring back and shares his biggest fears.

Listen in on a frank and wide-ranging discussion with one of today's most well-known public intellectuals.

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Submitted on: MAR 3, 2021

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