Racial Justice and President Biden’s First 100 Days

The Graduate Center, CUNY · Racial Justice and President Biden’s First 100 Days

Rosa Squillacote and Milo Ward, students in the Ph.D. Program in Political Science at The Graduate Center, CUNY, share an interest in studying the New York City Police Department and policing in the U.S. Squillacote researches the limits of diversity within the NYPD and is an organizer for Mott Haven Families, an organization that aims to promote community safety through social support rather than policing. For his dissertation, Ward is analyzing political theory as it relates to policing. Specifically, he studies the political thought of James Q. Wilson, who is known for his broken windows theory of policing that the NYPD adopted in the 1990s when it sought to tamp down minor violations and restore order as a way to deter violent crimes. 
Squillacote and Ward join The Thought Project podcast to talk about President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office and what’s ahead. What can the Biden administration do to address racial injustice? How has this issue been acknowledged in the first 100 days? What should be the next steps by the Biden administration with respect to racial justice in the second 100 days and throughout the first year of his administration?
Listen in as we address these questions.

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Submitted on: MAY 13, 2021

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