Professor Gita Martohardjono Involves GC Scholars in Published Work

Recent pieces of scholarship by Professor Gita Martohardjono (GC/Queens, Linguistics) demonstrate the collaborative nature of the Graduate Center's Ph.D. Program in Linguistics

Martohardjono's new co-edited book, Language in Development: A Crosslinguistic Perspective (MIT Press), includes contributions by several Graduate Center scholars: Ph.D. candidate Cass Lowry (Linguistics); alumni Christen Madsen (Ph.D. '18, Linguistics), Ian Phillips (Ph.D. '18, Linguistics), and Michael Stern (M.A. '20, Linguistics); Distinguished Professor Virginia Valian (GC/Hunter, Psychology); and Professor Emerita Elaine Klein (GC/Queens, Linguistics).

Martohardjono also co-authored an article in the journal Brain Sciences, "Syntactic and Semantic Influences on the Time Course of Relative Clause Processing: The Role of Language Dominance," with Stern and Ph.D. student LeeAnn Stover (Linguistics). 

Stern, Stover, and Lowry were co-authors with Martohardjono on two chapters of a recent book Syntactic Processing (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

This collaborative work was performed at the Second Language Acquisition Laboratory (SLAL) at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Submitted on: SEP 14, 2021

Category: Linguistics