Faculty Book: Anna Lucille Boozer

Anna Lucille Boozer
At Home in Roman Egypt: A Social Archaeology
(Cambridge University Press, 2021)

Image of book: at home in Roman EgyptWhat was life like for ordinary people who lived in Roman Egypt? In this volume, Anna Lucille Boozer reconstructs and examines the everyday lives of non-elite individuals. It is the first book to bring a 'life course' approach to the study of Roman Egypt and Egyptology more generally. Based on evidence drawn from objects, portraits, and letters, she focuses on the quotidian details that were most meaningful to those who lived during the centuries of Roman occupation. Boozer explores these individuals through each phase of the life cycle — from conception, childbirth, childhood, and youth, to adulthood and old age — and focuses on essential themes such as religion, health, disability, death, and the afterlife. Illuminating the lives of people forgotten by most historians, her richly illustrated volume also shows how ordinary people experienced and enacted social and cultural change.

Boozer is a professor of anthropology at Baruch College and the CUNY Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 2, 2021

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