Classics: Student Honors, Awards, Publications and Other Activities

Roberto Bongiovanni (Classics) will have his piece “P.Duk.inv. 4R: Homer, IIiad 22.111-149 with Marginalia” published in the 2012 issue of Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik (Journal for Papyrology and Epigraphy).

Emyr Dakin (Classics) presented “Classic Villains” at a Princeton Graduate Conference on Longus’ Daphnis and Chloes. He was also the recipient of a travel grant, awarded by CAAS, to attend the Classical Association of the Atlantic States conference in October.

Michael Goyette (Classics) was awarded an Athens Summer Scholarship through the New York Classical Club to study at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece. He also received an Eileen Barbara Costas Contes Memorial Prize for Teaching, awarded by Brooklyn College’s Classics Department to an instructor for exceptional pedagogy and departmental service.

Last year, Goyette pubished “Ptolemy II Philadelphus and the Dionysiac Model of Political Authority” in the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections (March 2010).

He presented papers at three conferences this year: “The Art of the Insult: Catullus, Eminem, and the Pedagogy of Classics” at Brooklyn College, and both “Homer’s Odyssey and Apuleius’ Metamorphoses as Nostoi of Self and Identity” and “Nostos: War, the Odyssey, and Narratives of Return” at the University of South Carolina.”

Tristan Husby (Classics) presented a paper on Delphi and non-Greek votive offerings at a conference on religion in antiquity titled “Encountering the Divine” at the University of Reading, England.

Allannah Karas
(Classics) presented a paper titled" Amor μικραίτιος: Demands and Desires in the Letters of Pliny the Younger" at the CUNY Comparative Literature Conference "Desire: From Eros to Eroticism.”

Jared Simard (Classics) awarded a grant from the Doctoral Student Research Grant Program Competition #7 (award period: Feb. 1, 2012 to Jan. 31, 2013). The grant funds an architectural sculpture and relief field survey of Manhattan. The data collected will become part of his larger digital archive of classical mythology in post-antique art."

David Starr (Classics) took first place in the spring 2011 NY Classics Club Greek reading competition.

Alan Sumler (Classics) published “A Catalogue of Shoes: Puns in Herodas Mime 7” in the 2012 summer issue of Classical World. He gave a presentation, titled “Comic First Inventions,” at “Ancient Aitia: Explaining Matter between Belief and Knowledge,” NYU’s 2011 Classics Graduate Student Conference.

Alissa Vaillancourt (Classics) gave a talk on “Epigram, Reader, and Immortal Frame,” at Knox College in April. She also presented a paper, “Understanding the Ivy of Leonidas of Tarentum,” at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Philological Association’s Hellenistic poetry panel.

Maura Williams (Classics) was awarded the Glen Knudsvig Memorial Scholarship to attend the American Classical League Institute this past June.

Submitted on: SEP 22, 2011

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