Community Meeting: 11-30-11

President’s Community Meeting
November 30, 2011

On November 30, President William Kelly held the second of four scheduled GC community meetings for the academic year.

After briefly reporting on the budgetary matters, the president addressed concerns about the presence of additional members of our security staff on November 21 and on a number of days thereafter. Reiterating themes from his November 25 letter to the community, Kelly noted that the intent had not been to intimidate community members from assembling peacefully but to ensure that if the need for enhanced security arose, the staff “would be members of our community, not people whom we do not know and who do not know us.”

On the matter of the newly implemented tuition policy, Kelly provided “information that has not made its way throughout the Graduate Center,” specifically that CUNY’s price tag—regardless of the tuition increase—at $5,516 for full-time undergraduate tuition and fees is less than half of what is charged by other public universities. Furthermore, despite cuts to the state’s budget and the nation’s financial woes, CUNY—without having to turn to layoffs and furloughs to free up already tight revenue streams—is providing a tuition-free education to “58 percent of full-time undergraduates,” while an additional 170,000 students receive financial aid amounting to the significant total of $1.1 billion.

The president ended the meeting by reminding community members that “what should concern us in these contentious times is preserving mutual respect while ensuring the capacity for peaceful dissent.”

Submitted on: NOV 30, 2011

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