Faculty Book: Kate Crehan

Kate Crehan

Community Art: An Anthropological Perspective
(Berg, 2012)

Crehan explores key issues for the anthropology of art and art theory using the example of the Free Form Arts Trust, whose founders were determined to use their fine arts visual expertise to connect with working-class people through collaborative art projects. In seeking to give the residents of poor communities, who have traditionally been excluded from the world of gallery art, a greater role in shaping their built environment, the artists’ aesthetic practice itself was significantly transformed. Community Art gives their story worldwide relevance, challenging common understandings of the categories of “art,” “expertise,” and “community,” as well as the place of the individualized practice of the gallery artist. Kate Crehan (Prof., Staten Island) is on the doctoral faculty in anthropology.

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Submitted on: JAN 17, 2012

Category: Anthropology | Faculty Books