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  • IT Alert: Phishing campaign targets GC student email

    The Graduate center student email system [] is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign

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  • What's Your Financial IQ? TIAA

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  • IT Alert: Impact of CUNYfirst Campus Solution

    As we have noted in various communications, the forthcoming mid-spring implementation of CUNYfirst Campus Solutions will have many run-on effects.  The discontinuation of our Banner system as our local authoritative data source and system of record for all student-related processing – in favor of the CUNYfirst Campus Solutions system – will of necessity be accompanied by an alignment of many IT-related processes with this new central authoritative system of record. 
    We will continue to send specific messages to various constituencies alerting them to such impacts.  But we will share one such change more broadly, as an example. 
    Effective with the implementation of CUNYfirst Campus Solutions:

    • For “gradcenter” Office 365 accounts, login credentials for any new student will be provisioned via CUNYfirst Campus Solutions using the student’s CUNYfirst username. Students will use their CUNYfirst credentials (username and password) to access their Office 365 accounts and passwords between Office 365 and CUNYfirst will be synced.
    • For GC network accounts, login credentials for any new student, faculty or staff will be provisioned using the individual’s CUNYfirst username. 
    • In both domains, username and password conventions for current users will remain in place for now.
    Again, we want to underscore that many legacy processes will be changing.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we address the impact of such changes.

    Information Technology

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  • IT Announcement for Fall 2017

    CUNY Graduate Center
    Information Technology
    IT Announcement for Fall 2017
    Please take note of these important announcements from Information Technology (IT). 

    • We are pleased to note that GC IT services now extend to include the community based at the Advanced Science Research Center.  While our efforts at GC/ASRC are just underway, we look forward to fulfilling the IT needs for our colleagues there.
    • The central office CIS CUNYfirst implementation team has revised the timeframe for enacting the Campus Solutions component of CUNYfirst for the Graduate Center. The current target date is March 2018.  Prior to the go-live date, student-related processing previously executed via the GC’s Banner student system will be terminated; following go-live, such processing will happen in CUNYfirst Campus Solutions.  These processes include class schedule, course registration and add/drop, faculty grade submission, student transcripts, etc.
    • There will be many run-on effects as a result of the CUNYfirst Campus Solutions implementation, beyond the immediacy of the Banner exit.  In addition to the many business processes that currently connect to Banner and therefore must be completely re-engineered, being wholly in the CUNYfirst environment requires that we alter many IT resources and services previously tailored to the greater GC community to align now with CUNYfirst practices and constraints.  In some instances, we can take advantage of this transition to simplify and streamline resources.
    • Recall that the GC IT website now includes the CUNYfirst service alerts posted on a routine basis by central office CIS.  For additional information see our FAQ about CUNYfirst assistance.
    • Faculty and staff desktop Mac computers at GC/Fifth sufficiently capable have all been upgraded to OSX ‘El Capitan’ and MS Office 2016; the remaining faculty and staff Macs are all now in the process of being replaced.  In addition, OSX ‘Sierra’ is now being deployed.
    • Faculty and staff desktop PC computers at GC/Fifth have all been upgraded to Windows 10 and MS Office 2016.
    • The recent upgrade of our McAfee desktop protection now extends Data Loss Prevention to faculty and staff desktop Mac computers at GC/Fifth.
    • Student (“public”) Macs with adequate specifications have been upgraded to OS X ‘El Capitan’ and MS Office 2016.  Individual computers incapable of supporting these current software platforms will continue to be decommissioned.
    • Student (“public”) PCs have been upgraded to Windows 10 and MS Office 2016.
    • Student “web printing” has now been implemented, enabling students to send files via any web-enabled device for subsequent release-and-printing in the GC Library.
    • All student (Dell) printers in the PhD program suites and DSC spaces have now been replaced with new, faster, higher-capacity (KM) printers.
    • Some legacy storage environments are being replaced with GC Drive (now fully operational) and GC Collaborate (available in a beta state).  These can be accessed via the GC Portal.
    • The former audio-visual unit is now retitled IT Media Services and is under new leadership with the appointment of Mr. H. Anthony Olavarria. Requests for Media Services assistance are now routinely routed to IT Services for classroom and technical support.  Requests specifically related to upcoming events can be submitted to
    • A variety of upgrades to Media Services resources in several GC venues have now been completed, with additional upgrades in the planning and procurement stage.   Forty classrooms are targeted for replacement of classroom projector systems and that work is well underway. 
    • Lastly, note that ongoing budget reductions continue to require that we scrutinize every existing IT service, resource and configuration to identify measures intended to streamline operations, reduce overhead and prune costs.  Your cooperation is always appreciated.
    Information Technology
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  • TIAA Schedule for Upcoming Individual Counseling Sessions at the Graduate Center

    TIAA Schedule for Upcoming Individual Counseling Sessions at the Graduate Center Read more

  • Student Web Printing

    We are pleased to announce that starting Thursday, August 24, 2017, all GC students will have access to web printing. Students can send from any device and location a document to be printed, and can then retrieve and print the document on-site from any of our print release stations located in the GC Library.

    In order to use web printing, students will need to execute a one-time registration using their Office 365 email accounts (i.e. at the following web link
    Web printing is available only for students and is supported by GC Student Technology Fee funds. For more details, please be sure to read carefully our posted Student Web Printing FAQs
    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
    Information Technology
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  • Name Change Announcement - Audiovisual to IT Media Services

    Attention GC Community,

    We are proud to announce that we have changed the name of our Audiovisual unit to IT Media Services. 

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  • Changes in Several Health Plans’ Rates

    Effective July 2017, there have been changes in several health plans’ rates. Read more

  • New CUNY Login: To Access Blackboard

    Please review the following announcement from the CUNY Central Office Blackboard administrator:

    We wrote to you at the beginning of the summer semester regarding the transitioning of Blackboard login credentials to the new CUNY Login credentials. You will access Blackboard from the same login points you currently use.

    If you have an Employee ID (EMPL ID) in CUNYfirst, the new credentials will be your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, you will log into Blackboard as If you are not sure if you have an EMPL ID click here
    to register as a New User then log into Blackboard.

    If you do not have an EMPL ID, continue using your CUNY Portal credentials followed by and your CUNY Portal password. Avoid changing your password if necessary. The new password will not be affiliated with the account when trying to access Blackboard. If you are unable to access Blackboard, send an email to and provide your CUNY Portal username, Banner ID and a screen shot of the error message. A ticket will be open for a team member to assist you.
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  • HEO Screening Committee - Fall 2017

    The HEO Screening Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month for the Fall 2017 semester. Read more