Blackboard Upgrade Announcement

Dear Colleagues:

CUNY Executive Vice Chancellor Alexandra Logue announced a university-wide upgrade to Blackboard that will introduce new features and functionality into the learning management system.  We believe that these new features will positively impact the experience of teaching and learning in Blackboard.  Among the new features are:

• An enhanced method of navigating among classes and resources
• Test and assessment enhancements such as differential test timing and item analysis options
• New inline grading functions that simplify giving feedback to students
• A redesigned discussion board
• A new calendar tool that allows users to export their calendar entries to Outlook and Google
• An improved content editor

Preparations for this roll out have begun and will continue over the next few months.  The actual upgrade to Blackboard will begin on December 26th, 2013 and is expected to be completed on December 28th, 2013.  Unfortunately, the system will be unavailable during this time. 

As noted by Executive Vice Chancellor Logue, a project team comprised of representatives from Blackboard, CUNY's Office of Computing and Information Services, and faculty and staff from throughout CUNY has been formed and work on the upgrade has begun in earnest. 

More details on training workshops and when faculty and staff will have access to the new environment will be shared as that information becomes available.  In addition, we will send out further details and announcements as this project develops.

Please feel free to contact Achia Samuels with questions, concerns, or your thoughts on the process at  The next few months promise to be a busy time for Blackboard at The Graduate Center, but the new features will expand our academic toolbox in ways that encourage learning.

Submitted on: NOV 18, 2013

Category: IT - Announcement