IT Alert: Phishing campaign targets GC student email

The Graduate center student email system [] is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign.  

The common phishing emails looks like the two below:

Subject: Action Required!

All Students and member of Staff are to update their account below[]


Subject: ALERT


A few of your incoming mails were placed on hold

due to the recent upgrade of our database. In order to receive your messages,

click here[hxxp://] and wait for response from System administrator.


We apologise for any inconvenience

and appreciate your understanding.


Thank You.

IT Help Desk.      

©Copyright 2017. System Administrator


 We urge students to never click a link in an unsolicited email message and to change all passwords if they suspect an account has been compromised.

Microsoft will automatically block accounts that were compromised and are sending spam emails. Some students have had their accounts blocked.  Anyone who is having this issue should contact us at and we will follow up with them individually.

All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to take this 30 minute security awareness program. 

Submitted on: FEB 20, 2018

Category: IT - Alerts