Video Streaming Update

The Graduate Center has received an official complaint from the Office of Civil Rights regarding website accessibility. The Office of Communications & Marketing and Information Technology are currently addressing these issues on the GC site (, but we must also review our other digital assets, including Video Streaming ( Videos must be captioned to be in compliance with government accessibility standards (see more information about video compliance on CUNY’s site).
Due to this necessity, Video Streaming will no longer function as an “archive” for videos, but rather as originally created – for live streaming. The public will not have access to archived videos on Video Streaming starting August 15, 2017. After this date, the owner of each channel will still be able to access their videos until November 1, 2017 in order to download any videos they want to keep. Due to file size considerations, any videos downloaded for preservation purposes must be saved to DVD, USB drive, or other similar (non-network) devices.
If you would like any of your videos to be available to the public through GC resources, you must edit the video (if needed) and caption it. The video and caption file can then be provided to the Office of Communications & Marketing to be posted on the Graduate Center’s YouTube channel (please submit via the YouTube Video Submission form and follow the Video Policies and Procedures).
Additionally, links to archived videos or channels on Video Streaming should be removed from your sites before August 15.
Thank you,
Communications & Marketing
Information Technology

Submitted on: JUL 31, 2017

Category: IT - Alerts